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Martin Fourcade

One last lap - classic version

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Available in French only

After his triumph at the 2018 Olympic Games (three gold medals), Martin Fourcade is struggling to regain his feelings. The post-Olympic season feels like an ordeal, to the point where he wonders if he has not lost the flame and the mental and physical qualities that made him the greatest biathlete in history. So, on the eve of what will become his final season, he embarks on an operation to win back without certainty, but with immense determination.

A final lap is the touching, sincere and detailed logbook of this rebirth: from the first day of preseason competition to crossing the final finish line, the epilogue of a thrilling season, the end point of a golden career.

We discover the man, the ferryman, the father behind the champion. And we understand even better how and why he became a legend of the sport.

216 pages

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