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Welcome to tightR 👋

What's tightR?

tightR is a digital social selling platform, entirely developed in France, member of the French Tech Grand Paris.
It allows you to create your own multi-brand online store in 10 minutes, without investing in merchandise or storage and without technical knowledge.
tightR is the only solution on the market to safely sell your favorite products to your friends, family and followers! Thanks to your shopping recommendations, they will shop at the right price, with a top level of service and will be delivered quickly by the best French brands and e-tailers
In each country, tightR collaborates with local brands and distributors to create value and proximity between customers and suppliers and also to reduce its carbon footprint.

Everybody’s happy 🎉

Did you know that 85% of Internet users today buy online based on recommendations from someone they know or follow?

Who is tightR?

tightR is the story of two serial entrepreneurs, Corinne and Mike, who are passionate about digital marketing and online sales. While following athletes and Influencers on the networks, they observed that their followers regularly ask them where to buy the pair of sneakers seen on such a post or the Japanese knife used in such a video. Often, they don't get an answer and in the best case, they are referred to multiple sites. They wanted to offer these social communities a one-stop-shopping experience, directly linked to the published content. Today, tightR is a team of 10 people specialized in tech, marketplace, influence, social media and marketing who work to allow its clients to create and manage their marketplace with the greatest simplicity and unmatched conversion performance. 🚀

tightR, who is it for?

Influencers of all sizes, athletes, authors, brands, media, associations... tightR is a B2B SaaS solution. To be able to use its services, you need to have a company (at least an auto-entrepreneur), therefore be at least 16 years old, have a community to monetize and respect our tightR charter on good practices on the platform.
Associations and NGOs can of course also open their shop on tightR and use the money collected to finance their projects.

All about tightR

Why are there athletes and top Influencers on tightR? 🏅🤩

Because they, through their large social media community, had the most obvious need to create a shop to meet the daily demands of their fans and followers. And also because most of them had the idea to create their own brand of products and needed to have a complete solution like tightR to sell both their favorite everyday brands and their own collection or merchandising.

Where do the 100,000 products in the tightR catalog come from?

The vast majority of products sold on tightR are the property of brands or distributors that tightR has selected according to strict criteria (price, quality of service, delivery costs and zones...). A distribution agreement has been signed with these brands, in exchange for a commission which is paid to you in full or in part, depending on the plan you have subscribed to (for more details, see our home page by clicking on "Pricing" in the top menu).
tightR is also fortunate to distribute, sometimes exclusively, the brands and collections of top celebrities and Influencers that we will offer you to discover throughout the year.

What is a SaaS solution?

SAAS signifie "Software As a Service" (logiciel en tant que service).

tightR is an online sales platform that allows any buyer who connects to your shop to purchase a product through a tightR partner seller who owns it. It's a turnkey solution to allow you to sell online easily and quickly, without any technical skills in website development or e-commerce. A kind of no-code with a great product catalog to sell immediately! SaaS is a model where in exchange for this service tightR offers you different levels of subscriptions that we call plans.

tightR, how does it work?

Create your account in 10 seconds. Select your favorite products from our 900 partner brands in sports, fashion, cooking, beauty and books. Share your shop link and post on your networks. Turn your followers into buyers and earn commissions all year long. Even billing is automated on tightR. From 50 euros of commission, you can trigger your payment and the system generates a pro forma invoice that you just have to accept to get paid. tightR is the only solution on the market to easily generate income through online sales while offering your community a quality and inspiring shopping experience. And it's simple for you.

How much does it cost to create a tightR shop?

🔴  Free for 30 days for freelancers, liberal professions, influencers, authors, artists (with auto-entrepreneur status, Sasu, etc.) and for associations, then 19 or 49€/month
🔴  Customized rates for companies and startups.

What are the differences between tightR and dropshipping?

Sell online like dropshipping but better.

With tightR, sell hundreds of products without having to buy, store or ship them. Unlike dropshipping, the 100,000 items in the tightR catalog are from well-known brands such as Adidas, Superdry, KitchenAid... shipped within 48 hours, and not sub-brands or counterfeits from China.

You build with your customers a long term business based on quality: sell to your family, your friends, your followers in all serenity.

Who takes care of the delivery?

tightR' partner brands and distributors provide you with their catalogs to make your selection, ship your orders from your shop and manage the after-sales service if there is one. They are legally the sellers. They are the owners of the goods and are responsible for customer service.

What happens if a customer wants to return or exchange their product or get a refund (after sales service)?

The customer goes to their tightR account, clicks on their order and sends a message to the seller indicating what they would like to receive (an exchange or a refund for example) or ask a question. The seller receives the message directly via the tightR platform and replies or shares instructions for returning the product if necessary.

Can I buy with Paypal on tightR?

No, not at the moment.

Do the sellers on tightR deliver abroad? To which countries?

The majority of the vendors deliver abroad, in many countries, as this is an important selection criterion for tightR, given that our big Influencers and athletes have followers all over the world (and maybe you do too!). Some small brands only deliver in France but this is exceptional. When this is the case, buyers are informed when they enter a delivery address outside of France after putting together their shopping cart.

How much does a buyer pay for shipping in my store?

It depends on the brand because it is the brand that sets the delivery costs, which are the same on tightR as on its own website if it has one. The delivery costs are indicated when the buyer enters his delivery address (because if it is an international shipment, or express, the delivery prices differ).

How much we earn on sales?

It all depends on the plan you have subscribed. To know the details, go to our home page by clicking on "Pricing" in the top menu. And of course you can change your plan whenever you want, depending on the commitment of your plan, by going to your e-shop Manager.

When and how we get paid?

It's very simple. You must reach a sum of 50€ of accumulated commissions to be able to receive a payment. The opening of the right to payment is qualified by the date of sending of the product allowing to reach the 50€. The payment is made on the last day of the month following the opening of the right to payment (N+1). Example: an order is placed on May 15, it is shipped on May 19, you are commissioned on June 31. Payment is made subject to prior acceptance of the corresponding commission invoice by tightR. Payment is made by bank transfer, provided that you have uploaded the necessary documents - such as your bank details - to your e-shop manager.

You and tightR

Is it possible to sell products of mine on my tightR shop?

Yes, it is possible, starting with the Premium offer. It's very simple. We activate a seller's account for you so that you can integrate your products on tightR. This way you can sell your products in your own shop, but other Influencers can also sell them in their shops if they wish.

Is it possible to ask you to add to the tightR catalog brands that I would like to sell in my shop?

Yes, just tell us which ones from the wishlist section of your e-shop manager. Our brand manager will contact them and onboard them on the platform.

Does tightR bring traffic to my store?

Yes, thanks to all the Influencers who bring their community to visit and buy on their shop. But then, that's also what you have to do, to make sales, is to bring your followers to your shop. It's finally your only mission, once you have selected your products.

What are the advantages of creating a shop on tightR?

🔴  You receive a commission for each sale according to the chosen plan, see home page tightR
🔴  You choose your products among the most beautiful brands in many universes
🔴  You can be sure of the quality of the products and of the logistics: delivery is assured by carefully selected partner sellers located in France
🔴  You benefit from tightR advice to maximize your traffic and your sales & become a social selling pro
🔴  And also buy in your tightR shop and get the same commissions (cash back)!

Why trust tightR to create my shop?

Because tightR has been around since 2018 and has already generated several tens of thousands of orders shipped to 60 countries on behalf of the biggest Influencers and athletes. If the service wasn't good, they would have all run away and their followers would have made big bad buzz on the networks and that wouldn't have escaped you!
Apart from that, tightR selects in each universe the best brands and distributors on the market, the vast majority of which are local, i.e. French in your case. This allows us to support local economic actors of all sizes, while also offering the buyer a fast delivery with the least carbon impact.
We are against the catastrophic practices of dropshipping that some Influencers have experienced in the past and which fortunately is in complete decline...

What tightR loyalty points are used for?

They are used by the buyers to benefit from advantages and gifts during the year in exchange for the points accumulated during their registration, their purchases, their subscription to the newsletter and more.

Can I buy in my tightR store and also earn commissions?

Of course, this is also why tightR is a real purchasing power booster: you earn commissions on the purchases of your community, but you also earn commissions if you are the one buying in your shop. So basically, if you want to get a 10% discount (if you have subscribed to the Premium plan, otherwise 7% with the Plus plan or 5% with the Starter plan) on the 100,000 products in the tightR catalog, all you have to do is add them to your shop, buy them and get the commission back when you pay with tightR.

What is the tightR Charter?

It is a charter of good practices on tightR for all tightRs (the community of shop creators on tightR). tightR is a shared platform with public figures and Influencers who are very careful about their image. It is also a catalog of the most beautiful brands who are also very attentive to the quality of the content on tightR and the social networks. This charter is available in the general terms and conditions of membership that you accepted when you registered with tightR. You can access it at any time from your e-shop Manager.

Does tightR help us become a professional Influencer? Does tightR bring us benefits like deals with brands?

Yes, absolutely! We provide you with the tool, the catalog, the advice throughout the year. You can decide to go further by following our webinars (free and paid) and by registering to our dedicated trainings. Subscribe to our newsletter and if you have specific needs, you can write directly to corinne [at] tightr [dot] com.

Does tightR offer training courses?

It's a big yes, if you have any questions about it, you can write directly to corinne [at] tightr [dot] com. And you will soon see them online on our website and on our social media.

Tips and tricks

What are the best practices to maximize your sales on tightR?

● Select products that you really like: sportswear that you wear (or that you would like to wear if someone wanted to give it to you: because tightR is also used as a wishlist!), kitchen equipment that you use regularly, your make-up routine...
● Put your shop link in the most visible places on all your social media
● Make posts that talk about your shop and your products, with subtlety, telling a story 🙃. Explain why you made this shop, what benefits for you and your community (see next question)
● Update your shop regularly to always have new products that make you want to buy
● Subscribe to our newsletter to get all our good social media, marketing and influence tips!

What's the story you need to tell your followers to get them to buy from your shop?

You tell them that you created this shop to share with them all the products you like and that you find interesting and useful in your everyday life and/or for your professional activity: new products, brands to discover, more technical products, good deals, promotions... you tell them that your goal is to share with them your taste for fashion, sports, cooking or books, shopping and social networks. And also to inspire them. That's what we expect from a News, a sharing of passions and authenticity!

To be transparent, you also tell them that when they buy in your shop, you get a commission and you tell them what you want to do with the money you will get from tightR 🎉

You can also insist on the quality of the tightR platform and its service, used for 3 years by celebrities and top Influencers. On the fact that tightR is a French company, with French employees, which supports through its activity French brands and e-merchants 🇫🇷 Finally, you can tell them that tightR often makes contests or organizes events to give many advantages to buyers!

How can you learn more and more about using tightR and social selling in general?

Subscribe to our newsletter, follow our webinars and consider taking one of our training courses.