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About us

85% of internet users today buy online based on recommendations from someone they know or follow. So tightR created the social selling platform to facilitate this 😎

It allows influencers, authors, media, associations... to create their multi-brand online shop in 10 minutes, without investing in merchandise or storage and without any technical knowledge.

Creating a shop on tightR means sharing your favorite products with your community and letting them discover new products, trendy brands, technical products, good deals, promotions... It also means sharing your affinity for fashion, sports, cooking or books, shopping and social media 🛍

For the followers, the shops are sources of inspiration to buy online products recommended by their favorite influencers or people from their community. Buying in the shop of a tightR, it's also a way to get a commission on the sale and to support him in his projects or his activity 🎉

Finally, tightR is the promise of a top level of quality and service thanks to the brands and e-merchants partners selected by our team. It's both the innovation of the platform and the performance of its offer that convinced celebrities, top Youtubers and Instagrammers to create their shop on tightR for the greatest pleasure of their fans!

The tightR platform is entirely developed in France 🇫🇷 and proud member of the French Tech Grand Paris. It is online since 2018.