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Quick Facts

Name : Lydia

Pseudo : La Biotista

I live in : Lyon

I have been sharing for several years on my blog and my networks my tops and flops on the organic and natural products I use every day. But also my natural alternatives and tips for the whole family, brand focus and product composition analysis. All this in the hope that it will help you to make the best choices!

This work centered on the natural began at a turning point in my life. After a tragic event a few years ago, my skin reacted very badly. That's what pushed me to take a deeper look at the composition of my everyday products.

So my bathroom became completely natural. And I'm very proud of it (me the former addict of luxury petrochemicals). I'd like yours to become one too, little by little.

I specify, I don't pretend to be a 100% waste-free, vegan, cruetly free biotista. I'm just a woman, a mother who loves cosmetics but who pays the utmost attention to what she uses in order to give the best to her family!

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